Package Residential Conference
Package Details A unique package to hold your business conference to strike a deal, seal business leads, devise strategies to achieve your targets, bargain, agree to disagree etc., in a tranquil atmosphere with cool waves to ebb the charged atmosphere resulting in win-win situation to all. Ready to grab?
Package Day outing package
Package Details How about combining unwinding and outing? Day outing package quenches your sightseeing urge wherein we take you through the historic Mahabalipuram caves, inviting Kovalam Beach and Thiruvidanthai temple for the religious. Wanna deal?
Package Birthday party package
Package Details Birthday parties enthuse everyone more if done in unfamiliar surroundings - be indoor or outdoor. Our birthday party package takes care of all activities to make the party truly sensational be it invite, decorations, birthday themes, entertainment etc., to keep everyone happy. How about having a moonlight-drenched-cake-cutting experience?
Package Marriage party package.
Package Details Marriages can be held in traditional way but not necessarily in traditional ambience. Having the hand of your fiancé on a moonlit night or sea breeze wading through morning would be a thrilling one. The marriage party package allows you to partake in all ceremonies for we take all responsibilities to give you a truly splendid marriage experience including the gourmet. Ready to tie the knot?
Package Outdoor catering
Package Details Planning to party outdoors? Our outdoor catering package gives you the option to lay back and relax and enjoy the party without worrying about the catering for a large number of guests. We take care of all the nitty-gritty arrangements required of an outdoor party including the gourmet. Cheers to the idea?